going home

We say goodbye to the land that abruptly ends in sea.
Going back home we take the easy way and fly. From Sumburgh to Edinburgh to Helsinki to Tallinn. There’s enough time in Edinburgh to make the short tram ride into the city. Everything is suddenly so big. We spend most of the time in a bookstore. They have so many books. Crazy.
Super short connection in Helsinki but Finnair manages to send us home together with our luggage. Respect.

The numbers say that it took us about 14 hours to get home from Lerwick and 14 hours plus three days to get from home to Lerwick. The cost was about the same which was a surprise. When I made the calculation two years ago then flying was 2–4 times cheaper. Plane tickets have gone up and German train tickets a bit down. Coming back set twice as much carbon in the air compared with going there.
I somehow like the idea of “measuring the land” and really feeling how far I am going. And, in buses, trains and ferries no-one bothers with the contents of your luggage (except for Eurostar).
early birds

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