holiday week in Läätsa

One week for reading books.
Läätsa is as good a place as any for that purpose. Most days it's raining. Good for sitting inside.
One day we ramble in the forest behind our house. There's still some snow left.
I visit the local library because it is the year of libraries. Surprised to learn how many small villages have a library.
On the only sunny day we visit a stretch of road that has been turned into a time machine. The gravel is intentionally preserved and 1960ies style traffic signs installed. Smells like March.
The closest shop is in Salme which is also the place where the biggest viking boat burial of Estonia was excavated about 10 years ago. Some of the items discovered are currently on display in the castle of Kuressaare. So we visit of course. Nice little exhibition.
bog islands in Nigula bog
cycling around Võrtsjärv

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