Gotska Sandön is an island, Swedish island. The kingdom of sand.
36 km2 big, national park since 1909, without permanent inhabitants since 1870ies. Advertises itself as "the most isolated place in the Baltic".


When you have your personal internet trawler then some links might start a life of their own. A link about tiny islands sent by Andres a long time ago now materializes as a visit to Gotska Sandön.
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arrival on the island

At around half past four I see Pommern, the old ship from my cabin window. From Marienhamn also no-one moves into my cabin.
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long way in dunes

Today the rest of green trail or Höga Åsen that I started on the first day is on the menu.
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back to mainland

In the morning the noticeboard says that ferry goes from Las Palmas beach but not 10:45 as I knew but 16:15.
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