Iceland, Hornstrandir

Backpacking is not sexy. Climbing, kayaking, skiing – those are all sexy. Backpacking. Just the word sounds like suffering. Backpacking is just way to get to awesome places. Places you couldn’t get to any other way. So you put all your gear in your pack and you walk there. You can only see so much from your car. Backpacking itself is not the thing. The thing is the places you get to go.
(Ace and the desert dog)

long way north

Since I have continued to learn Icelandic it makes sense to go back there. And since I’m going back I have to keep on learning. It seems that there is no way out of this vicious circle.
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a day for doing nothing

It feels good to finally sleep as long as I want. I wake up around eight but here time is three hours behind us.
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I spend the Victory Day in tent (we beat the Germans on that day some time ago).

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from Látrar to Barðsvík, 14,42 km

It rains quite heavily in the night and continues into the morning so that I postpone waking up repeatedly. Then I decide to start moving to be ready if the rain should stop.
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first day in Grunnavík, 6,4 km

No heating in the morning which means that it is again autumn outside. Dark blue clouds approach from the sea and water that was smooth until then wrinkles up following the movement of the cloud. Read more

last day

It is warm to sleep, I can see a patch of blue sky from the window in the morning. Read more

return to civilization

Breakfast with the riders. I have a longer chat with Amélie who can drive all kinds of watervessels and seems like a very cool person.
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Moving counterclockwise steals time. Starting in Keflavík at one in the night and flying three hours then you are in Vantaa at seven in the morning.
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