100 km of old trade route
from Sevettijärvi to Karlebotn

to the North

The Earth is tilted towards north ('north' and 'bottom' are the same word in Estonian) (Aado Lintrop, Šaman's book). Finno-ugric people thought that in north and west is the world of the dead, in south and east the world of the living.
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on the border

The bed is hard to sleep on. I continuously dream of some kind of defense positions. And it's hot.
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back in civilization

There's decent wind at night. And it rains. By the morning wind has got loose a tent pole and it's pretty cramped inside.
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birds and end of Europe

Unusually enjoyable is to sleep in a bed. When I wake up in the morning, the room is filled with various camping items that are strewn all over the place.
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full circle

Between sleep I see that sloping green Finnish landscape under dark blue cloud has appeared behind the window.
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