pretending to be a scientist,
hopefully for the last time


I keep watch the whole day but there’s no information about any meetings.
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household problems

In the morning someone calls from the reception to tell me that they’ll cut off electricity for an hour.
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moving on

There’s a light-skinned potbellied man in the breakfast room.
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in Mandalay

Bus station is a long way from the hotel. Rain stops three times during the ride and starts again.
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interview, finally

No important old men but I go and talk to a guy from the many local human rights organizations.
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three more days

Nothing exciting happened except that I now have an appointment on Saturday with a guy whom I didn’t meet in November and from whom I don’t have much to ask now.
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On the way to my room from breakfast I meet a girl in the elevator who hands me today’s copy of The Straights Times.
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work day

The meeting point is a eatery across the street from my usual dinner restaurant.
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