Wanderings on education landscape.
Scientific tourism, part two.


Unable to get rid of Tallinn University I sent some applications for funding a research trip to Burma.
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finally arrived

I spend the day in Vantaa with getting into my role. Reading two scientific articles and arranging an appointment with a former political prisoner.
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first research day

In the morning I see that the hotel is in a nice neighborhood with big gardens and low houses, Swedagon pagoda visible through the trees. The neighbors probably were not very happy when the hotel was built.

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second research day

For start I call to contacts that were unreachable yesterday. Today they both answer and are very kind.
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I read some articles and rearrange text in my files.
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temple day

For a change I ask the hotel boys to call me a taxi for going to church.
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busy day

During breakfast the pope is on TV reading mass in the church around which we walked with Külli four years ago.
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slow day

Nothing special happens besides that I read some articles the whole day and go to meet Victor in the afternoon.
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last day

I wake up early because a journalist found yesterday that he has time to meet me.
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